About Us

Here at the ESL Wilderness Ranch we combine a high standard of English language study with the adventure of being on a horse ranch with over 40 horses.

The ranch has been operating for over 30 years; it is situated in the Chilcotin Mountains, deep in the wilderness of British Columbia, Canada.

At the ESL Wilderness Ranch we prefer using the Communicative Language Teaching (CLT) approach. This is the most widely practiced approach to teaching a second language. Our goal is to have our students achieve “Communicative Competence”. ESL Ranch

ESL Ranch-Riding in alpine meadow

A student riding in an alpine meadow

This means that our students are quickly able to communicate in English using the four language skills, speaking, listening, reading and writing.

Canada is one of the best destinations to study English. Many students decide to come to Canada because of the nature and wilderness that can be found here, especially in British Columbia. However, most of the schools that are available to students are to be found in the big cities such as Vancouver and Toronto.

Our ESL Wilderness Ranch is unique; we are attached to a horse ranch deep in the Chilcotin Mountains, surrounded by snow-covered mountains, lush forests, crystal clear lakes and rivers. ESL Ranch

Where else can you sit in a classroom and watch deer grazing outside or a coyote moving through the meadows? ESL Ranch

ESL Ranch

A student learning the art of shoeing a horse

Hands-on Experiential Learning

We firmly believe in a hands-on experiential approach to learning while still providing the classroom time necessary for correction and full understanding. Students get an opportunity to meet guests, staff, and other students from all over the world. Practice using their English in one of the most beautiful natural settings in the world. ESL Ranch

Students arrive for lunch on the Sunday before the class starts; they spend the afternoon getting acquainted with the ranch and each other while they get an introduction to the program. Work in the classroom begins Monday morning. Workshop-style classes focus on conversational English as well as academic skills such as reading, writing, and listening. ESL Ranch

ESL Ranch