Extended Immersion Program

Extended Immersion Program

This Program is very popular with all our students. Students can join this program after they finish their language course. We provide accommodation and all meals in our Extended English Immersion environment 24/7 which includes work experience in many areas of the ranch.

With this Program students can remain in a total English Immersion environment at the ranch for several months, so in effect, their fees for a 4 week language course are spread over several additional weeks at no extra cost.

 For example… Internship Programs

A student can register for a 4 week (or longer) language course, and then join our Extended Immersion Program. At no extra cost! They can stay in this program at the ranch for several weeks without the need for a work/study visa.

Internship Programs available :

  • International Hospitality Tourism Management
  • Adventure Tourism
  • Lodge Management
  • Business Administration
  • Wilderness Guiding

These Internship programs are designed to create professional tourism managers.

Our students benefit from our extensive know-how and experience in the Hospitality Tourism industry. Learning by doing an Immersion is truly one of the most efficient ways of learning the skills people need to succeed today. We are a Tourism industry professional with over 30 years of experience in Tourism Management and hire almost all of our staff in house from our Immersion Program participants. Inter

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Employment Opportunities

Students can also apply their new knowledge and practical skills by working on our Ranch through our paid positions. We have various jobs such as working in the kitchen, housekeeping, ranch hand, horse guide, office, sales and accounting. For more information, and for useful links, visit the Employment page.

Immigrating to Canada

Immigrating to Canada permanently is an exciting opportunity. However, there are several things you should consider before you apply to be a permanent resident, also If you do decide that you want to immigrate to Canada, there are a few different ways to apply. You will need to decide which immigration program will work best for you and your family.
For more information, and for useful links, visit the Visa/Study Permits page.

“The things you offer after ESL school like Guide school and stuff are pretty amazing. You don’t get many chances to do that as a normal tourist.”

Hauke, Finland

Internship Programs