Course Information

In the Chilcotin Mountains, approximately 5 hours from Vancouver, BC.
Course Length:
2 weeks or longer, we can customize a course to match our student’s needs.
Minimum age:
19 + as an independent student.
Family groups of all ages are welcome.
Beginner / Intermediate / Advanced
Teacher/student ratio:
No more than 10 students per teacher.
Teacher Qualifications:
TESoL Canada Accredited
Classroom hours:
15 per week
Start dates:
First Monday of each month.
Shuttle bus from Vancouver

Course Information

Course Fees include:

  • 15 hours classroom tuition per week
  • 3 hours of Horse Riding per week
  • Ranch chores associated activities in the afternoons and weekends
  • Use of saddles, tack and other ranch equipment as necessary
  • Accommodation and all meals including coffee, tea and snacks
  • Free activities 7 days a week: See a list of Included Free Activities

Course Information-ESL students and staffWe teach 3 main levels of English here, from Basic Beginner, Intermediate  to Advanced levels. Students can take our on-line placement test and are also tested on arrival to determine their level of English ability.

Our classes are no larger than 10 students per teacher. Research shows that smaller class sizes like this offer better learning opportunities and outcomes.

Courses start on the first Monday of each month; here at the ESL Wilderness Ranch we combine a high standard of English language study with the adventure of being on a horse ranch with over 40 horses. The ranch is situated in the South Chilcotin Mountains, deep in the wilderness of British Columbia, Canada. We prefer using the Communicative Language Teaching (CLT) approach. This is the most widely practiced approach to teaching a second language. Our goal is to have our students achieve “Communicative Competence”. This means that our students are able to communicate in English using the four language skills: speaking, listening, reading and writing.

The course is designed to improve communication skills that most often take second place to grammar lessons. Instead of being the mainstay of the program, grammar lessons give you a basis for the intensive conversational aspect of the program. All levels of students benefit from the course, gaining both better grammar and communication skills. Our students gain more fluency and the vocabulary necessary to work and play in the outdoors in an English-speaking environment.

Students arrive for lunch on the Sunday before the course starts; they spend the afternoon getting acquainted with the ranch and each other while they get an introduction to the program. Work in the classroom begins Monday morning with a review of the curriculum and class routine.

Workshop-style classes focus on conversational English as well as academic skills such as reading, writing and listening. Each class includes a reading lesson when students read and listen to various articles devoted to wildlife and the environment. Some topics covered are bear safety, wildlife management, tracking animal signs and articles on the many types of wildlife that can be seen here from the tiny mosquito to the Grizzly Bear.

Afternoons are spent practicing English in fun, interactive activities around the ranch. Whether it is learning the parts of a horse and saddle, hiking through the forest to look for animal tracks and view the mountains, lakes and wildlife, or learning how to throw a lasso. Students will go through lots of exercises to improve their communication skills. Horse riding sessions are conveniently available for an additional cost.

At the end of the program, students are awarded a certificate to recognize their achievements.

“When you spend a lot of time with a lot of people then you learn to know them well and become really good friends. Now I can say that I now have friends in Japan and Germany and I didn’t know people from these countries before!”

Thomas, France

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