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English programs:

English programs-Shoeing

A student shoeing a horse

The best way to learn a language is total immersion in the culture of the country. When students leave the classroom here on the ranch, they do not revert to their native language. From eating all meals together to learning how to saddle and ride a horse, English is the only language used. It is this continuity, speaking and listening to English 24/7 that really improves their language ability.

English programs-ESL class

Classroom study is relaxed and informal

Here on the ranch, students are accommodated and fed on the ranch (also included in the tuition fee). They study in the classroom in the mornings and in the afternoons they mix with the ranch staff and learn the Ranch “Western” lifestyle while they continue to improve their language skills — all at no extra cost!

Beginner and Elementary level students with a basic grasp of English will get the most benefit from the course, gaining both better grammar and communication skills. Students at low and high Intermediate level will gain more fluency and the vocabulary necessary to work and play in the outdoors in an English-speaking environment while Advanced level students will become much more fluent and confident in their English abilities. Once students become confident, their communication skills develop very quickly as they move towards their goal of sounding like a native English speaker.

English programs-ESL Graduation

Successful students receive their certificates

Upon successful completion of the course, students are presented with a certificate showing their level of English when they arrived and the level that they attained while here. Another certificate is also presented that records all their achievements and gives them a wonderful reminder of their time with us on the ranch and surrounded by nature.

Our Extended Immersion Program This program is very popular with all our students. They can join this program after they finish their language course. We provide accommodation and meals in this program in exchange for participation in Ranch activities. This means that our students can remain in our total English environment for several extra months, so in effect, their fees for a 4 week language course are spread over several additional months at no extra cost.

Our Extended Immersion Program students benefit from our extensive know-how and experience in the Hospitality Tourism industry. Learning by doing an Immersion Program is truly one of the most efficient ways of learning the skills people need to succeed today. We are a Tourism industry professional with over 30 years of experience in Tourism Management and hire almost all of our staff in house from our immersion participants.

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