Adventure Opportunities

Adventure Opportunities-Beaver pond

A beaver pond in an alpine meadow

Located on the same land as our Language School is the Chilcotin Holidays Ranch. Chilcotin Holidays can host four-day and longer adventures for an add-on fee, once you have completed your ESL course.

Students can make this English learning experience truly unique by hiking or riding to one of our alpine camps during the summer months. Practice their English skills while learning wilderness skills. Opportunities include getting involved in camp cooking and learning about the plants and animals that surround you in the picturesque valleys.

Adventure Opportunities-Grizzly Bears

A Grizzly resting with her cubs

Use a field guide to study the colourful mosaic of alpine wildflowers across the valleys while a Grizzly Bear feeds on cow parsnip.

A 4 day,  7 day or longer Adventure Opportunities, The perfect way to round off an ESL School

Adventure Opportunities-Guest RanchThe Guest Ranch

At Chilcotin Holidays the spirit of Canada’s Wild West lives on. All the trips and adventures incorporate cultural and historical elements of the authentic western wilderness lifestyle. All our trips are customized, so you can choose between a leisurely trip, action packed or something in between.
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Adventure Opportunities-Pack tripWilderness Alpine Pack Horse Trips

Be prepared for the ultimate Horse Pack Trip adventure of a lifetime! You’ll ride into the backcountry like an explorer with packhorses in tow, traveling the mountains in nomadic style.
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Adventure Opportunities-HikingWilderness Alpine Hiking, Mountain Trekking

Hike BC’s mountains on guided multi-day alpine hiking trips and wilderness trekking tours. Imagine secluded alpine basins, abundant wildlife, open-air lunches with stunning scenery, and over 150 species of wildflowers and 210 species of birds.
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Adventure Opportunities-Mountain bikingMountain Biking

We pioneered “guided pack horse-supported mountain bike tours” in the south Chilcotin Mountains. These multi-day single-track wilderness bike tours are guided, and they are done in prime biking areas where there is no conflict with horses and hikers.
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Adventure Opportunities-Anglingfly fishing

Choose daily from a variety of lakes, rivers and streams for wild Rainbow and Brook trout, Dolly Varden and Kokanee. The ice comes off the valley lakes mid April to mid May, and there is explosive action until July for these trophy-sized Rainbow and Brook trout.

Whether you’re a fishing enthusiast or a novice angler with an urge to hook a  magnificent specimen, our remote mountain lakes, rivers, ponds and streams within our million-acre Angling Guide Territory will fulfill your dreams.
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Adventure Opportunities-Wildlife SafariWildlife Safari

On our Multi-Species Safari, you’ll peer down into the lush valley bottom at black bears feeding on the fresh shoots of grass. In the deep forests of willow, catch a rare sight of the stately Canadian moose, or read tracks to locate the mountain goat as they lead you to the north facing bluffs where they escape the heat of the day.
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Adventure Opportunities-Grizzly viewingGrizzly Viewing

Grizzlies are the symbol of the wilderness. View these awesome animals in their natural habitat as they progress through the seasons. In the spring, concentration is in the low meadows during breeding season. Then, follow them into the sub-alpine, examine their territory marker trees, explore their dens and collect data for our Grizzly Study.
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Observe mountain lions, one of the most elusive and feared predators in North America. During the winter when the days are short and food is scarce, survival instincts force mountain lions, also known as cougars, down the mountains to lower elevations in search of mule deer and moose. You’ll witness the intelligence of the mountain lion as you shadow his moves by snowmobile, 4×4 and on foot!
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wolf-viewingWOLF VIEWING

Witness nature at it’s most cunning, as the timber wolf pack pursues it’s prey onto a frozen lake. Call to the wolf pack, and when they respond it will send chills up your spine with the excitement of connecting. You’ll understand the meaning of “survival of the fittest” as you view the wolves by 4×4 and on foot.
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Bushcraft courseBUSHCRAFT COURSE

Our Bushcraft Course is intense and designed for active and adventures people, who want to combine an educational wilderness experience with gaining new knowledge and practical skills – that might even be used  to save lives. In our Bushcraft Course we teach skills that allow you to survive and harmonize with nature and its wilderness.
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wilderness guide trainingWILDERNESS GUIDE SCHOOL

Located on the same ranch as our Language School is a Wilderness Guide School. This school offers students a chance to continue their language skills while developing their knowledge of working with horses and the skills required to become a guide in the wilderness. Once our students have had a taste of life on a wilderness ranch this is the natural continuation of their interests.
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Connect with nature on a whole new level as you learn to live off the land, just as people have done in this area for thousands of years. As you learn to craft necessary tools and harvest wild edibles, you can step away from dependence on modern conveniences and instead step towards greater harmony with the environment. Our ultimate goal is to remove the things that separate you from the land.
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Adventure Opportunities