Wilderness Skills Training

Wilderness Skill Training-Leading packhorse

A confident Marco leading a packhorse

After completing ESL training, students can continue with one of our many Wilderness schools which are located on the same ranch facility as a ESL School, offering the opportunity for students to carry on their ESL language practice while learning wilderness skills.

The Wilderness Skills Training Program teaches via both theory and experience. Guides supervise each milestone of training; both study and practical experience are emphasized.  We train Hike Guides, Horse Guides, Angling Guides, Wilderness Guides and Outfitter Guides. Whether their interests are indoors or out, they will walk away with a solid base of English, combined working knowledge and practical skills.

Wilderness Skill Training-Log cabin building

Log Cabin building school

A good example of making use of the Wilderness Skill Training available is Marco, he came to us as an ESL student having never been on a horse before. He is now leading packhorses up into the mountains as a guide!

Wilderness Guide Training

The Wilderness Guide Training instructs you in all of the essential skills for working as a guide on horse-based wilderness adventures. After completing this  1 or 2-week comprehensive course, you will be able to confidently lead horseback adventures into the remote wilderness, regardless of your background and previous outdoors/horse experience. The course includes time spent in the wilderness, camping in remote settings and putting all of your practical skills to good use.
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Tourism Management Training

This course is the third level of training, intended for those interested in managing and/or owning their own guide outfitting area, angling area, or adventure tourism business. The Tourism Management Training coaches and instructs students in the complex system of licensing and regulations, business plan development, and financial and operational planning.
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Horse Logging Training

This comprehensive course provides the essential skills and knowledge for those interested in logging and managing their own woodlots or private land or in purchasing horses to log on a contract basis. Students gain a thorough understanding and practical knowledge of training horses in harness equipping the operation, regulations, logging requirements, woodlot management and industry structure.
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Log Cabin Building Training

Learn how to build your own log cabin! This intense, comprehensive one-week course trains you in the fundamental techniques and logistics of building a log cabin. You will learn through hands-on training as you build a log cabin onsite. Upon completion of this course, you will be ready to build your very own log cabin in any location.
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Angling and Fishing Guide Training

The 1 Week Angling Guide School is designed for fishing enthusiasts who want to develop the skills and abilities necessary to guide guests on fishing adventures. This course hones your own skills and empowers you to teach others in the following technique: Lake and Stream Fishing; Casting Skills; Fish Habitats; Species Identification; Wet & Dry Fly Presentations; Fly-Tying; Entomology; Fishing Regulations; Angling Safety.
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Leadership Development Training

Leaders are often born through adversity. They grow by facing and overcoming new, challenging situations. In this leadership development program, you will discover your personal strengths and weaknesses, learn from your failures, and give and seek feedback. By learning in a wilderness setting, you gain the additional benefit of nature’s instant, unbiased feedback.
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Wilderness Skills Training

You will spend the majority of your time in the back-country of the Chilcotin Mountains, gaining a working knowledge of the environment and practicing wilderness skills. As you journey to remote camping locations, your will learn how to forage for food, navigate in the wilderness, fish and trap, utilize medicinal plants, and cook over a campfire: all hands-on!
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Wilderness Hiking Guide Training

This training is intended to teach a person how to guide hikers on “horse supported” adventures where gear is transported by pack horse. Course content includes terrain variations, flora and fauna education, camp preparation, packing a horse, hobbling, staking and operational procedures.
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Wilderness Lodge Management Training

 The Wilderness Tourism Lodge Management Training Program is designed to cover every aspect required to run a wilderness lodge operation; it is structured into three areas: kitchen, office, and ranch operations. The kitchen department includes topics such as cooking, serving, housekeeping, and wilderness applications. The office department reviews basic administration duties, accounts and reservations, as well as sales and marketing. Ranch operations cover maintenance, animal husbandry, natural resources, and seasonal operations.
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Outfitter Guide Training

This course is for those interested in guiding as a Licensed Assistant Guide for a Licensed Guide Outfitter. Training includes wildlife identification, habits, equipment and regulations associated with guide outfitting.
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Wilderness Skill Training