Wilderness Classroom

Wilderness Classroom-Horse riding in alpine meadowBetween June and October, students on a program of 4 weeks or longer will have the bonus opportunity to take the classroom into the wilderness by joining a Horse “Hike Trip” to one of our many camps in the mountains. On these trips students will be riding or hiking on more demanding trails, learning about camp life, taking care of horses and tracking and viewing the wildlife.

There is no additional cost for this trip!!!

Classroom studies will remain the same, 15 hours per week of grammar but will be conducted outside on a mountaintop or in an Alpine Meadow. New vocabulary and topics will be introduced to match the location and activities.

This is a once in a lifetime experience that no other school can offer!!

Wilderness Classroom-Pack tripOnce packed, saddled and mounted, the adventure starts. Setting out like pioneer explorers, the students make their way to camp with their teacher and an experienced guide. In nomadic style, travel by horse through mountain-top passes, experience wide U-shaped valleys with their mosaic of wildflowers, wild hay meadows and big-game mineral licks and encounter the wildlife that greets them along the way. After a day’s ride or hike, students arrive at camp. Relax after a well-deserved meal, or get involved taking the horses out to the meadows at night to stake and hobble. Enjoy a campfire under star-studded skies and be lulled into restful sleep, listening to the gentle jingle of the horsebells.

Here ESL Students can witness some of the marvels of the Chilcotin Mountains, perhaps a sow grizzly and her cubs at play or as they feed on the lush Cow Parsnips and Horse Tails that cover the expanse of the valley basin. Riding along all the trails that radiate from base camp, perhaps one that was used as native trading routes between the Interior and Coast for hundreds of years.

Wilderness Classroom-Grizzly BearsStaying at one of our high Alpine camps, situated just below tree line means easy access into the alpine, which allows them to ride above tree-line each day doing what we call “Mountain Topping̵. This is an extremely unique riding experience and it is the rare glaciated shale terrain of the South Chilcotin Mountains that make this Mountaintop riding possible.

This is a wilderness classroom experience like no other, students will return to their homes much more fluent in English and with many wonderful memories and pictures to share with their families and friends. Wilderness Classroom Wilderness Classroom

Wilderness Classroom