Wilderness Guide School

Located on the same ranch as our Language School is a Wilderness Guide School. This school offers students a chance to continue their language skills while developing their knowledge of working with horses and the skills required to become a guide in the wilderness. Once our students have had a taste of life on a wilderness ranch this is the natural continuation of their interests.


Wilderness Guide School

The program combines theoretical and practical training. Each training objective is achieved under guided supervision and time is allocated for individual practice and study. The first half of the program is based out of the ranch, where theoretical and practical training is provided in a controlled environment. The last half is spent in base camps where the students have first hand experience by applying their newly learned skills to the “real thing.”

At the completion of the Program, a certificate confirms successful completion. Graduates may be offered a non-paid Extended Immersion Program internship at the ranch.


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Wilderness Guide School Wilderness Guide School Wilderness Guide School Wilderness Guide School